Baby loss from a Jewish Perspective

I’m so proud to share that last week I guest blogged at Still Standing Magazine. It’s a wonderful magazine written by a collection of inspiring women navigating the heartache and sorrows of baby loss and infertility.

I woke up one morning and out of the clear blue decided they needed my voice in their mix. The voice of a Jewish woman. So I summoned up all my courage and wrote to ask. I don’t know why I was so compelled. I’m not the most religious person you’ll ever meet and I almost never mention my religion on this blog, it’s not intentional, it just never seems to come up.

But I know that being Jewish has entered into the thought processes, rituals and choices I’ve made regarding how to handle our loss in many ways. And I know that, as a vocal baby loss mother, there are women in the Jewish community who have found comfort in my openness. I would never claim to speak for anyone besides myself, but I am proud that just by being here, I’ve allowed them to know they’re not alone. My hope is that by becoming a contributing writer there, I can do the same for a larger audience, and for women of all religions. My goal is to write posts that offer insight into different laws, customs, opinions and traditions regarding pregnancy and infant loss and my hope is that may be both compelling in their differentness and comforting in their sameness, or vice-versa.

My first post, entitled “Things You Don’t Forget” can be seen here.

My articles will appear in their online magazine on the second thursday of every month. Mark your calendars! šŸ˜‰

Would love it if you’d comment and let me know your thoughts on the article.

Love & Muchness, Tova

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