Will The Nailpolish Muchness Last?

I have very high hopes for this Manicure…. all the hype about Shellac and how it stays on for 14 days… Yeah… I’ll let you know.

Funny though, because all the rave reviews were accompanied by the warning that there was a limited color selection, but when I got there there were some extra hot colors with a different label. I figured they were new releases in response to the stuff I’d read, but I’m not too bright, especially when looking at bright colors and fancy shiny stuff so I didn’t read the label. 3/4 of the way through the fanciest mani-pedi of my life, (Look at the Pedi station next to me… Muchness pillow and everything!) I looked at the polish label and saw it was, in fact, a different brand’s product. They used the Shellac brand base and top coat but the product was Gelac brand. She promised me it’s the same thing and I’ll get the long lasting wear out of it, but I am VERY skeptical. You know I will keep you updated!!

This color story in honor of Auntie Florence. Thanks for The Muchness!!!

Love & Muchness, Tova

4 Replies to “Will The Nailpolish Muchness Last?”

  1. Jamie Clark

    If it’s the same thing as gel polish, I’ve gotten 3 weeks out of it, and could have gotten more, but my ‘roots’ were showing. It’s awesome, especially if you are growing out your nails, as they are super durable. The only drawback is that you have the same color for 2-3 weeks. : )

    • Tova Post author

      I stole the idea from my hubby’s aunt. She posted that on the fb finding my Muchness wall and I was like “oooooooooo!”


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