What’s stressing me today

I’ve been stressed a bit and feeling overwhelmed by the idea of blogging, but I didn’t realize till this morning what was stressing me out. Last week the girls went to the dr and Liat got a standard blood /lead test.
It came back two days ago that she’s anemic.
I know that it is usually reversible and diet based so she’s on a iron rich diet and an iron supplement.
But I am a worrier. Especially when it comes to my kids. And I worry because Liat is a great eater and her diet is not lacking in iron so I fear it’s bigger than diet. and I worry because I don’t want the medication to make her nauseous. And I worry because Molly is a very picky eater and eats a lot of yogurt and liat loves yogurt but dairy blocks iron absorption so she’s not supposed to have it around the time of her medicine taking— which is three times a day— and breakfast this morning was a disaster because all she wanted was Mollys yogurt and I didn’t give it to her so she ate nothing and screamed and screamed.

This is her in Florida. She looooves the water and demanded she hold her tube-that’s bigger than her- from The room all the way to the pool. 🙂 I was so proud…

Actually living The Muchness…please stand by…

I’d been hoping to find some time to update my readers on our vacation but it turns out, vacationing eats up a lot of time. The girls have been bonding and they’re so funny and sweet together and I’ve been shepping just watching them get to know and enjoy each other.
…only once or twice did the thought run through my head that if there were three of them and they were a year closer in age it would either be
A. even more stinkin adorable
B. Just a big chaotic mess of screaming children every time we turned around
C. Both

They refused to not share a bed on this trip and watching them love each other melts my heart.

Spending time with this one doesn’t suck either.

…if you don’t hear from me soon it’s cuz sleeping beauty got wind that I posted this and I’m in trouuuuuble!!!

Drama. Never leave home without it.

I lied today. Not a big lie, but an important one.

Heres how it went down. I went to the store to get stuff for Molly’s birthday party. It’s a glorified dollar store and they have the bestest, more random stuff on earth.

I walked the aisles, browsing, photographing, texting… I filled my cart, got to the checkout, Look in my bag and my wallet is GONE! Total freak out. troll the aisles, talk to manager. Pull hair…. check the car. storm aisles…. call cousin who says to call the police. Call the police. they’re on their way. Call my neighbor who has a spare key and just in case, ask her to check the house.

Behold. My wallet was on the counter.

So I lied. I told the store my neighbor found it in the driveway. It must’ve fallen out while I was getting in the car. (Because what kind of idiot would leave the house without their wallet and then swear on all that is good and holy she had it with her when she entered the store.)

Despite my embarrassment- I just went back and bought the stuff I was gonna get for Mollys disco party. I mean- $2 for these!! Worth the mortification.

[youtube_sc url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8ToMnCwzvU&feature=youtu.be”]

They Flash!!!!!

Am I neglecting My MUCHNESS???

No. I’m not. I didn’t post yesterday because I couldn’t get in front of my computer… and some dork hasn’t yet figured out how to make a half decent mobile app (that doesnt cost a bloody fortune)…. I’m looking at you, Tova.

There’s been lots of Muchness Goings On!! Yesterday I rec”d a gift card to macy’s as my holiday bonus at work. They were having a crazy sale and I skipped on over a bought me some muchtastic stuff, Including the red sparkly sweater I’m wearing today:

And then I left work a little early to get to our family Menora lighting party. Here’s where the fun began:

We light the Menorah

Then we open gifts!!



…. And looking at these pics I think it is very clear. I need a new phone. This camera drowned in grape juice and it’s days are done. This color is AFTER I photoshopped!!


INTRODUCING …..MUCHKINS!!!! AND, a Reader Submission!!!

Since Finding The Muchness is closely related to tapping into the joy and happiness many of us had easier access to as kids, the Muchness is obviously going to resonate with kids, and, If Courtney and Shannon’s kids are evidence of it… so is every 6-14 year old girl in my hemosphere.

Today, we received our First Official Muchkin* Submission!!

Raphi writes:

Subject: Muchness from my daughter


from her 7th birthday
silver glitter nail polish
and a sequin bag with a big L.**






Love the band-aid!

LOVE the L Bag!!!



The Muchkin and her Balloon!

*Thank you to my cousin L’via’s 22 year old son who invented the word Muchkin while trying to describe his 13 year old sister.

** Her initial. Duh.