INTRODUCING …..MUCHKINS!!!! AND, a Reader Submission!!!

Since Finding The Muchness is closely related to tapping into the joy and happiness many of us had easier access to as kids, the Muchness is obviously going to resonate with kids, and, If Courtney and Shannon’s kids are evidence of it… so is every 6-14 year old girl in my hemosphere.

Today, we received our First Official Muchkin* Submission!!

Raphi writes:

Subject: Muchness from my daughter


from her 7th birthday
silver glitter nail polish
and a sequin bag with a big L.**






Love the band-aid!

LOVE the L Bag!!!



The Muchkin and her Balloon!

*Thank you to my cousin L’via’s 22 year old son who invented the word Muchkin while trying to describe his 13 year old sister.

** Her initial. Duh.

Love & Muchness, Tova

4 Replies to “INTRODUCING …..MUCHKINS!!!! AND, a Reader Submission!!!”

  1. L'via

    22???? how old you think i am???? 20, darling, 20 – still too young to drink and pay his own bills!
    and tali is definitely your creation – a verifiable MUCHKIN!

  2. Amber and Courtney

    I should call courtney that she would get a kick out of it! she uses much in every sentance lately 🙂


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