Tova’s Muchness Challenge – Day 27 – Paying attention to the moments

This headshot challenge has been awesome. I plan to do a lil talking time video to tell you why tomorrow. (See, this is what my new teacher at Rich, Happy & Hot B-school – Marie Forleo calls “Social Accountability”… when we put our plans out there and then know that people are expecting us to follow through, we don’t want to look like a fool, so we are more likely to follow through. I, being kinda camera shy (yes, it’s true) would probably find some reason to flake on my plans to do a video conclusion about this 30 day Headshot challenge, but now that I’ve splattered this verbal commitment all over my homepage, I better deliver. No, really, I better. Or make me feel like a fool. Please. I’m serious.)

As I was saying- loving the headshot challenge because it’s been making me take stock of mu Muchness Moments even without realizing it.

I was sitting in our home office upstairs working when I heard Elie, downstairs, fart. Big time. (He doesn’t read my blog so he’ll never know I wrote this….hahaha)

I IMed him from upstairs:


And me, at my computer, enjoying the moment, grateful as hell I wasn’t in the room with him. 🙂

….No time to waste!! B-school starts on Monday!! Gotta get prepped!!!!….

Love & Muchness, Tova

2 Replies to “Tova’s Muchness Challenge – Day 27 – Paying attention to the moments”

  1. Tine Post author

    I’m totally going to message him on FB and tell him to read your blog…hahahaha 🙂

    I have loved your headshot challenge! It’s been so fun to see your smiley face every day! And I completely agree with the accountability thing…that’s why I made that group….lol. For my accountability…haha But seriously, I’ll miss seeing your daily smiley face…especially in a face mask, or crazy glasses or….all the ones that made me smile…which would be them all!

    P/S: Seriously??? Double digit adding for human check??? Don’t you know my brain is fried by now? LOL xoxo

    • Tova Post author

      Ok…. I gotta get my web guy to get rid of the math… Ok! I hear you!
      So, ya know, I’m gonna jump right into another challenge! Stay tuned to see what it is… PLUS I really do wanna start doing video posts… I believe the time has come to cross that threshold. yikes.
      I’m starting B-school on Monday and I am SO EXCITED and it is 8 weeks long and by the end the Muchness will have grown by LEAPS AND BOUNDS—- OH— the plans I have!!! Tine— it’s starting to come together and I am feeeeeeeling the positive energy!!! My Personal Muchness is in FULL SWING. (for now… you know how these things ebb and flow…. :))


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