Color Splash Takes Over!!

Sorry it’s been a few days since my last post. Things have been koo-koo here at Casa De Gold.

So, last week, as you might know from reading my posts, Color Splash from HGTV came to our house. They gave our living room the most amazingly Muchy make-over in the history of Muchy make-overs. (There is a looong history of muchy makeovers… trust me on this… or don’t)

So, for those of you not obsessed with HGTV like I am, or, if you live under a rock, HGTV is Home and Garden Network. It is the default channel of my life. Nothing on? Turn to HGTV. The way foodies watch The Food Network, or Sports fans watch ESPN, or geeks watch Star Trek.

The star of Color Splash (hence forth referred to as CS) is David Bromstad. This is is him:

This picture is like eye candy

David Bromstad of Color Splash on HGTV

OK- I used that pic because everything in it is like Eye Candy. 😉

David is awesome- so friendly and nice and down to earth and most of all,  TALENTED. He just seems to be able to tap into whatever the homeowner seems to want and deliver it with so much style and class and sophistication. What did he deliver to me? MUCHNESS. I <3 it.

I told David about our loss and how I was using sparkle and color to help me make my way back from the depths of grief. I didn’t go on and on about it because, let’s face it, dead babies don’t really make for great TV, but I did want him to know where I was coming from, and the journey I was on. Before the reveal he said that he’s never done a makeover that was as “homeowner inspired” as ours. That made me feel awesome. The film crew also told my husband that this was the funnest makeover they feel they did this season. As well it should be!!! haha

I want to post pics soooooooo badly but I can’t- not until it airs (which feels like it will be in a million years)

I will say this: Remember my post about Teeze? Well, One of the most popular bags in my collection makes a surprise guest appearance and in a BIG way!!!

Remember to take some time today to be In Touch With The Much!!!

xox, Tova

Love & Muchness, Tova

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    • Tova Post author

      Cory- They said about 3-4 months! Thats a looong time. Ours was the last show filmed for the season. That doesnt mean they are going to air it last, but I’m having little daydreams where they can’t edit all this Muchness down to 22 minutes so we become a one hour season finale. Because, ya know, we’re awesome. 🙂


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