Right now. Are you where you are?

I’m not exactly sure what or how it happened but sometime in the last week I went from living in fear- living in mental noise and chaos- living in the future and in the past- to living now.
Suddenly my mind has quieted down. My creativity has piqued, and I’m feeling more focused.
Maybe it is the job. Maybe having the security of income is helping my fears subside. Maybe being in a space where I am the most colorful thing outside of a Pantone Swatch Book is reminding me of the importance of my mission.
Or maybe it was the trip to the cemetery. Something about going there feels like it set me free. Suddenly I feel free to accept what comes my way, confident that it is all part of a master plan. It created a shift in perspective for me that is making it easier to go through the day with grace and confidence.
It has also made me realize I need to step away from the computer. If I accept this job I will be glued to a screen all day. That means for me to find my muchness out of a job I need to create a tactile experience for myself. A craft, a human connection.
On the drive home from the cemetery inspiration struck. I initially dismissed the idea but I the more I think about it the more connected to it I feel. And the more excited.
I’ve decided to keep it a secret until it is underway. I know. So selfish.
I will refer to it as Operation:Glitter.
Stay tuned for more info…
As we drive down the highway I found myself (in a very non-tova way) noticing the foliage.
I said to My hubby “hmmmm… Pretty trees.”

Is that some variation on stopping to smell the roses?
Welcome to my change in perspective.
Hoping to hold on to this one….

Love & Muchness, Tova

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  1. Dennel

    I wrote something yesterday but en something happened. Sorry if you got this twice 🙂
    Ok. First off, is the barbed wire to keep others out or keep you in? I find this curiouser and curiouser. What caused them to put it up?
    Ok. Let’s take away the barbed wire. Let’s take down the whole fence, paint the walls bright pink. Really wouldn’t help, would it. Wile the fence is absolutely dreadful, it’s not what’s keeping you sad.
    Tis isn’t making you happy. My dad worked in a mine for like 35 years. He hated every day. It was hot, dark, smelly. These brilliant engineers made up rules but actually didn’t understand things at all. He made decent coin and is now enjoying a few years left on his life.
    My husband doesn’t make a lot of money. He loves his job. He comes home happy every day. He builds stuff with his hands. Cabinet maker, is the title. They don’t do residential, they do commercial, like hospitals, banks, schools, reception units, etc.
    There are too many hours at work not to enjoy it. So.
    You have two options. Change the place until you like it or find another place. Either would be the right choice. If this is where you need to be temporarily, then make it your own. Sing. Wear your tutu. Spread sequins all over.
    And know, wonderful things will happen. The only question is when.

    • Tova Gold Post author

      Barbed wire is technically to keep others’ out. 🙂
      It’s a tough pill to swallow for a lot of reasons but I am going ith the belief that i am where I am supposed to be right now, because that’s where I need to be, right now.

      I will be looking out for those wonderful things… I want some. 🙂


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