Do you sometimes feel invisible?

Let’s talk about being invisible.

I think, sometimes, we all feel invisible.

We are passed over for a promotion or ignored in a meeting, or worse, in a social situation where you already feel awkward and shy.

As I squeezed my bottle of hot pink hair dye into my gloved hands last night at 11:30 I looked at myself in the mirror and thought “Holy Crap- they are all going to see me.”

You’d think this thought would have occurred to me months ago, before I dyed my hair pink, that yes, with pink hair, people are going to see me. But it’s one thing to be seen by people who already know you, or people you interact with in everyday life.
It’s an entirely different thing when you force yourself outside your comfort zone into the company of people that impress you enough to intimidate you, and you do that with shocking pink hair.

Ya know what that takes? That takes a serious dose of Muchness.
(Booyah! So clever. I’ll bet you couldn’t guess I was gonna say that. Truth? I actually was gonna say it takes Balls, but then I thought- hmmm…. I should change that…. ya know, for branding purposes…. But anyway.)

This morning I had the opportunity to go to the press event for this incredible conference S.H.E. Summit. The week-long event is all about empowering women to own their power, and step into the power of their lives. A room full of incredible women, and me, with my pink hair (and sequin blazer), daring to be missed.

See, I was lucky enough to be invited to share The Muchness at the event and all of the participants will be receiving mini decks of Muchness Moments Cards in their gifts bags. A total honor.

I’ve been bitching and moaning so much these past few weeks but the fact is I alone am  responsible for putting myself where I say i want to be. And where I want to be, is Sharing The Muchness! Finding MY Muchness means stepping out from behind the computer and sharing my story and the things I’ve learned because there isn’t a single person who wouldn’t benefit from inviting more MUCHNESS into their lives. It is practically selfish to keep the power of Muchness to myself! I whole-heartedly believe that. And to share that message, I have to just put myself out there and not be invisible.

And that is hard.

So, How did I make myself as un-invisible as possible?

Well, I was gonna take the easy way out: skip the press event and send the mini-decks for the gift bags as they come when you purchase a complete deck. With a hangtag that has my itty bitty little face on it: photo-500x400

See that? Barely? Exactly.

I realized that if I am going to hide behind my shyness and wait for people to discover what I want to share, I’ll be waiting a long, long time.

So, I decided to jump off the invisibility train and be seen. Each deck in these gift bags comes complete with a cover shot:


What? You can’t tell what that is?

Here let me zoom in for you:


Oh, why my shiny mug front and center? Because it is my job to share The Muchness:


Hi. I’m Tova. Nice to meet you. I want to share with you – and everyone else – The Muchness

…Can I tell you how it feels to look at a pile, 500 deep, of your own face, and know you are sending them out, not just into the world, but into the hands of the people that intimidate you with their awesomeness? 

It feels Awesome. Surreal. Weird. And Totally effing scary. And amazing. And Right. Tingly, excitingly right.

Whatever YOUR Muchness is, stepping into it, owning it and letting it guide you, feels right. That doesn’t mean dying your hair pink or wearing shoes that will result in broken ankles. It can mean using your time to help (or create!) a not-for-profit, or maybe it means simply taking time to yourself to enjoy your creativity and hobbies, If it means doing yoga, reading more books or experimenting with new ingredients in the kitchen, pay attention to the things that ignite those little fires in your belly, and then, do more of them! 

Let yourself shine. 

What unique thing do you like about you that makes you shine? I wanna know!!

Love & Muchness, Tova

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