Heading to Asia

…I wish. As we head into fall I feel compelled to share that I have nothing to wear. Now, I don’t want to sound materialistic (though I am) and I do have a closet full of pieces of fabric sewn into various types of apparel, but overall, I have nothing to wear. In fact, I think it’s time to do a much needed closet clean out so I can see how little I have to wear.
Because for the last three winters, I’ve been pregnant. Or postpartum. Or trying to get pregnant. Or all three at the same time.
What I haven’t been is Muchy. But more importantly, (i think- for the purposes of clothes shopping) what I haven’t been is my actual size.
All summer I wore 2 pairs of shorts and a handful of Muchy tops and shoes. Eventually I stopped photographing my daily Muchness because if I had to keep that up and keep it interesting I would have gone broke.
So now, as the weather turns to crap and I look through my closet for something Muchy to wear, I’m coming up short. I’ve got a few things I bought at the end of last spring, when I started the Muchness, but one sequin jacket and a pair of leggings will only take me so far.
Here’s the problem. I can not find Muchness for fall.
According to Asian fashion trends, sequins and shine should be everywhere for fall. But according to my NY usual Muchness finding success stores- nada. Target was, without question, the most disappointing spot of all.
Not ONE piece of Muchness in their whole women’s apparel section!!!! Even more disappointing, as I scanned the section EVERYTHING was bland and depressing. Dreary grays. Muddy browns. Muted blues. Blah blah and more blah. It- with no exaggeration- gave me a stomach ache.
I told Elie last night that I am gonna be going Muchness hunting. I will not spend too much money. I will not splurge on something I’ll wear twice. And I will not buy anything unless it is truly, throughly happy-making Muchness. Because truthfully, I’m feeling kinda down. And nothing can immediately fix a problem like that as well as a colorful, sexy, sparkly, comfortable pair of platforms can.
(for the record, today I’m wearing a black hoody and flats to work for the first time in six months. It only reenforces what a crap magnet I feel like. Between that, the rain, the fact that I am standing on a bus stuck in standstill traffic- damn. It almost feels as crappy as 2009. This is a very slippery slope.) I’m already 45 minutes late for work. I may just swing by one of my other Muchness hunting spots on the way to the office and cross my fingers they have something fuschia and happy. And cheap.

What I want to feel like today


What I do feel like today.

Love & Muchness, Tova

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