I like to think I know how to make an entrance… 

After three months in our new home I finally decided to hang my entryway mirror. I was afraid it was too heavy and I didn’t know how to properly mount it. After growing increasingly annoyed at myself I decided to just grab a giant nail and pray for a stud. When he didn’t show up, I knocked on the wall till I saw a hole from something the previous tenant had hung. ? Then I got to work. 

I have big plans for that black and boring shelf…. But alas, it will wait for another day and another post. So, what do u think? 

Both of these are gifts from amazing women I’m lucky to know. 

I made that bowl at a pottery class I took earlier this year. It was in that class that I first declared in small talk to strangers that our fantasy of moving cross-country was starting to look more like a definite plan. Sometimes hearing yourself declare something can be a powerful tool for change. Sometimes. Other times it just leaves you feeling like an asshole for not following through. ?

An assortment of framed cards from my deck of Muchness Moments cards. I have a feeling people are gonna collect around that area reading before they leave my house… Which just gave me the idea to drop an assortment of cards in that bowl and invite them to take one on their way out! Oh, I love that idea! 

Kaboom. And done. 

Whatdya think? ?

Love & Muchness, Tova

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