Miscarriage, Muchness and finding time to write a blog post.

“….I miscarried like 2 weeks ago…thought I was over it but had a doc appt today…just finished bawling…well maybe not finished”

I receive that text message from a friend today. 🙁

I replied- “OOOOh- I am so so sorry… You should not set your goal as getting “over it”…. that’s just a false perceived endpoint and an almost impossible spot to get to…. and actually, not a logical spot to want to get to”

if i dont put it out of my mind i’ll be a wreck

It doesn’t work that way.

…but hey I’m listening

you can’t just “put it out of your mind” and expect it to be out of your mind. you kinda just have to let it flow through you. it will. and you will eventually come to a place of peace with it.


If there is one thing I know—- time does not pass any quicker or any slower just because you tell it to…. and the ONLY thing that will help you deal with it is time…. the second thing is what you do with that time. If you spend that time “putting it out of your mind” it’s gonna find it’s way out in ugly ways and you won’t know how to process your behaviors.


heeh muchness! …hey u just wrote a blog post!

I know…. I write effing blog posts all the time in private convos with people…. I never get a chance to rewrite & post them ‘cuz I’m so disorganized.

copy paste n edit yo!

done. Thanks for letting me share it!

cool but not with a name

never with a name…

Love & Muchness, Tova

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