BTM VS. ATM: Winter Boots

Today is the first day of snow:

That’s our backyard. Apparently we didn’t put away the spring toys early enough. Who knew it would snow before November. Pretty depressing.

This morning I took Molly on a date. We went for coffee and bagels together. For the first time since last year I put on my snow boots and winter coat. Both were new purchases last winter, when I felt my heavy duty boots and heavy brown winter coat were just weighing me down. I put them on and was transported back to my mindset when I bought them last year- actively making the decision to purge from my life anything that dragged me down.

I upgraded my old heavy boots for these awesome sexy snow boots. 

These boots helped me muchify my mindset towards the idea of a snowstorm, making the idea of snow somewhat appealing. Instead of “uuuuuuuch- I can’t believe it’s snowing again…. there is NOTHING good about the snow”, now it was an opportunity to wear my awesome new boots!! See that? Sure, they’re just boots, but it helped me invent a reason not to feel so blaaaaaah.

PS: You may wonder how a person can walk throughout the snow in those spiked heels, but it’s easy. Those heels just dig right into the snow and keep me standing upright! No problem!! 🙂

Love & Muchness, Tova

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