Inspired by Tines Post with a link and  this video of Ingrid Michaelson’s song I’m OK, I decided to add a new series… MUCHNESS MADNESS!!!

Its pretty much just a creative exercise to come up with muchy ways to write MUCHNESS! As soon as I thought of the idea, I thought of a million ways to execute it.

I HAD to get the idea on paper before I forgot and it flew off like a little birdie… so I quickly pulled together this first example!

8 pics on my phone of post-its at my desk, uploaded to iphoto, KABLAMO! How Muchy is That???

Love & Muchness, Tova

2 Replies to “MUCHNESS MADNESS!!!!!!”

  1. Tine

    Busy at work? 😉 hehe

    This is cool! Fun app…makes me hate my decidedly NOT smart phone even more…lol.

    Your energy amazes me!!!

    • Tova Post author

      My energy is caffiene induced. 😛 I passed out at 10pm on Muchness Monday!!! There were still 5 hours left on the west coast and I was snoring into my pillow. THAT is how I host a party!! Hahaha!!!


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