I finshed my wall.. Now what?

My big resolution for 2013? No resolutions. Those things are so clichéd. I mean, really. EVERYONE is out and about making resolutions at the beginning of the new year, and those that aren’t talking about making them, are making clichéd jokes about breaking them.

Bah Humbug. 

No resolutions for me. I am going to wait until May to decide on MY new years resolutions. That way, I can decide if I want to tell people about them AND I can decide how long I want to give myself to keep them. Why May? Why Not. My life, my rules.

But one thing I DID tell myself a few months back that I finally got around to doing was ORGANIZING my desk space. In my head I had visions of a really super interactive workspace where I could write my brainstorms, my lists, my to-do’s, my to-don’t’s and everything in between so I could stay on a schedule. I like to have everything right in front of me to see and be reminded of at all times… but unless I am anally organized, I’m a total effing mess. There. Is. No. Middle. Ground.

But yesterday I finished my great new WALL OF FUNCTION!

I am very excited to see if it actually keeps me functioning.





Love & Muchness, Tova

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