So, shortly before we lost power, (Thanks again Irene!) I found myself inexplicably drawn to the television to watch the profound reality of two of TV’s most radiant reality stars, IceT & his delicate wife, Coco.

I know it sounds a little like I am judgmental, and well, in certain ways, I am. But mostly just because they are such characters that they, well, that they have a friggin’ reality show! But the truth is, of the little bit I saw of them on the episode I watched, I kinda liked them. They seem to have a really pleasant rapport with one another, and there is a certain genius, I believe, to using the media like the well oiled money machine it is, to line your pockets. It is why I will always secretly love The Spice Girls. (Every boy and every girl- Spice up your life!)  But, of course, all of this is weeeell besides the point.

The point is, I want her laptop cover.

...But I want mine to say MUCHNESS.

Encrusted with pink gradient crystals on every square milliliter!? PINK GRADIENT CRYSTALS???? Those are, without a doubt,  three of my most favorite words in the english language.

I can prove it to you. Check out the shoes I wore to my wedding:

SEE? Pink. Gradient. Crystals.

I didn’t even care about anything else when I married the love of my life.
Table linens? Peh.
Bridesmaids Dresses? Wear what you want.
Menu? Whatever, just no stinky cheese table.
My Dress? Not so important, as long as it highlights my waist and shoes.
Shoes?  16 hours of watching Law & Order SVU, late at night, while glueing rhinestones, one, by one, by one. 
….And it alllll comes together…


Love & Muchness, Tova

3 Replies to “OH SO MUCHY!!!!”

  1. Julia Post author

    I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your shoes!!!!! time well spent, they are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!and well worth it.

    I wonder if they sell Rhinestone Laptop skins like that, I would ABSOLUTELY love one in HOT HOT PINK!!!!! 🙂

  2. Julia Post author

    Tova, you need to get an IPAD 2, check out the 4 links below of what i found for you. (I hope they work)


    or the Iphone 4


    • Tova Post author

      OK- That first one is by far the best of the bunch. I did just buy a laptop. a 13″ macbook pro. GET ON IT JULIA!!!


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