The kids are back in School!!!!

I’m not even gonna front- I am so excited to be sending my kids back to school- to the daily grind of early morning wake-ups and even to the cooler days of fall— when not everything smells like suntan lotion and my hair feels like something other than a dry birds nest or a greasy mop.

Don’t get me wrong- this summer was great but I am ready for a change. With the exception of a few blog posts and social media (FB) updates, I kinda took the season “off” from Muchness- I haven’t even sent a newsletter in months.

For the first few weeks I was beating myself up about it and then I just decided to cut myself some slack. I mean, seriously, if we beat ourselves up about doing (or not doing, as the case may be) the things we love, we stop loving them, right?

After I stopped beating myself up, I focused my attention this summer on one key business thing:


Yeah, in case you haven’t been formally introduced,  meet Earseeds. (They aren’t seeds that grow out of your ears, I’ve been asked that an oddly high number of times.)

They are tiny little seeds used to stimulate acupressure points on the ear to help treat a variety of common conditions, like stress, headaches, back pain…. They are a common part of Tradition Chinese Medicine and acupuncturists use them all the time. My hubby, an acupuncturist, came up with the idea of creating kits that help people apply them on their own, in their home.

So, I started creating the art for them back in February or March. We launched the business in mid-april and have been spending a LOT of our energy building that biz this summer. I probably shoulda told you sooner, but I didn’t want you to think I was stepping out on you. 😀 But now, with school starting up again (TOMORROW!!!!!! YAYAYAYYYYYY!!!!) I, like so many of you, am looking forward to getting back into a really productive routine so I can balance more and put goals of all kinds back on my to-do lists.

The truth is, I’ve been feeling frazzled and like my heads been screwed on slightly crooked for the last few weeks while the kids were home ALL THE TIME. (there’s more to it than that- I’ll share that later…) So, tomorrow it starts. I’m gonna try to wake up early to get the kids snacks ready before the very last minute. Gonna try to get on the treadmill for 20 minutes. Just 20 minutes! How can that be so hard? I’m gonna try to sit and write for 30 minutes. It’s good for me. In so many ways. Gonna make ear seed kits for 30 minutes (truly….. each one, made with care by Mr. and Mrs. Gold- with the occasional help from the little Golden Nuggets.)


This is the first year since I was in school that September actually feels like a new beginning.

Here’s to new goals mixed with Tons of Muchness!

xo, Tova

Love & Muchness, Tova

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