The Muchtastic Family Pic!!!

So, you remember I spent WAY too much on the amazing Betsey Johnson Dress for the family photo shoot?

And then I went and spent  WAY WAY too much for the framed print?

The picture we fell in love with... before.

So, the picture we wanted mounted and framed, we loved with the white background, but I asked them to retouch it in photoshop in the same style as another picture from our group had been retouched. They warned me that it might be “a bit much” and I explained to them that I would be the one to decide that. MY version of “a bit much” and other peoples versions are not exactly the same thing. So, against their better judgement, they Muchified our family pic.

I LOVE IT!!!!!


I cant wait to get it and hang it on the wall!!!

What do you think???? Be honest!!! (But only if you love it. If you think it sucks, go tell someone else. haha!! 🙂 )

Love & Muchness, Tova

18 Replies to “The Muchtastic Family Pic!!!”

    • Tova Post author

      Thank You Heather!!!
      Love Ya!
      It’s going in the Color Splash room. It will be calm compared to the furniture… 🙂

  1. Kristyn

    I LOVE it! It kind of looks like you guys are in space! Lol. The tutu dresses are my favorite! 😉

    • Tova Post author

      Thanks Kristyn!! It had a very pop energy to it— much funner on a white wall than the white version (Thank You Vadim- Muchness Killer)

  2. flo

    Great Pics! both of them!(I guess i shoulda been a politician 🙂 just kidding love em both. I’ve got a ton of muchness moments & pics 2 share-but no time to download will do soon I”YH!

  3. Mamma Biscuit

    LOL I agree with Vadim (I know, admitting that I actually agree with Vadim left a bad taste in my mouth ughh) I prefer the family portrait with the white background. I feel like the white background really highlights your very cute Betsey Johnson dress and Molly’s equally adorable confection of tulle on her dress—it’s cleaner and places more emphasis on the muchness of what you are wearing! The purple background in my opinion actually takes away from your bright colors and makes you guys recede into the background (sorry, just don’t call me a muchness killer)
    On another note, I want to see a full standing photograph of Molly in her dress—it looks super cute—oh and you too….in fact, just post the entire contact sheet please LOL both you and Elie look practically 16 in these photos—yes, 16 with two children—how is that even possible? This could very well be a portrait of siblings that’s how young you all look!
    The Biscuits

    • Tova Post author

      Mamma Biscuit- You are OFFICIALLY on my watch list…
      So, here’s the thing.
      I love the pic on white. I don’t disagree that it highlights our outfits and if I was just framing this at a normal size to put on a shelf or planning a really ornate frame, I’d go with the white.
      But, this photo company are a bunch of scammers because they take great pics and then leave you penniless after you try and obtain them. There is no contact sheet. There is a digital slideshow that costs as much as my mortgage, but comes “free” with the purchase of any piece of artwork. The cheapest of which is MORE than my mortgage. So, this print will be printed on a wood frameless frame type thing and it will be mounted on my white wall. It’s nearly 20 x 30″ in size, so I want it to be MORE than just a pretty picture of the family… I want it to look like a piece of art. I’m also not terribly fond of just a HUGE pic of our faces in the middle of our living room… seems a little, um, self involved to me. This, like I said, makes it feel more like a piece of art. I will have the digital copies on the white and I plan to figure out how to print them. (Though the photo studio says they are locked and not printable, they are hi-res and I WILL find a way to unlock them!!!! I will!!!!)
      So thats that. DONT RAIN ON MY PARADE!!!!

  4. dennel

    oh oh that is such an awesome picture. That is going to go so perfectly in your room. But I agree that more pics are needed. Dress up again and have a friend take you somwhere beautiful to get pictures taken, perhaps a flowery place. We absolutely need more of the outfits! Did I tell you I made myself a tutu inspired by you? Then my daughter pushed all the pieces to one side, so now I need to tie more strips on. But when I’m done, I will totally post it.

    • Tova Post author

      I wanna see!!!!
      I’m gonna wait and see how big this pic is on the wall… I have a feeling it’s gonna be moocho muchness in the space I have assigned for it.


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