Please. Stay small. Thanks. Signed, you. 

Last night was the last time sleeping in our home. I dreamed that the house we moved to in San Diego wasn’t the house we saw online (irl we rented from a cl post, having only seen a video courtesy of the listing agent) -in my dream we showed up to find ourselves in a dorm for families- each room occupied by 3-4 people crammed into each space. Doors were glass and there were nasty dudes in their underwear watching tv and drinking beer and unwashed kids everywhere. Everyone shared a communal bathroom except the lucky few who had a naked toilet in their room, generally right next to the sofa that they squeezed in against a wall, surrounded by mattresses. 

It looked a heck of a lot like this:  image courtesy  of open society  foundations 

In one section of the “community” were college students and they were cool but really bitter and anxious to get out of there. 

It was a strange dream– probably it’s my subconscious backlash against expansion and abundance in my life. 

Screw that. Funny how our minds try to trick us into smallness and fear- right? 

No matter what smallness your mind is trying to trick you into I want you to repeat after me: “screw that.” 


This is where I’m headed:   

Nothing small or lacking about that! 

Love & Muchness, Tova

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