Drowning In Muchness.

Here I am. 12:28 AM.
Working on Muchness.
It’s still early, compared to last night when I hit the pillow at 2AM.
I rose off of it at 7am.
And was STILL late for work.


Please forgive me if this posts lacks a bit of muchness. And a few of the !!!!!!’s I am so fond of. That article in the paper was awesome. And it made me a busy, busy bee. The response has been awesome and opened my world to some new people who found me and my story. It also opened up the ability of (real life) people to feel comfortable with me feeling comfortable mentioning the twins. (Which reminds me, I have an email I have to respond to. Or seven. Love emails. I should have taken that typing class in high school. I can only imagine how much more I could accomplish if I could use all 10 of my fingers instead of just  five. And looking at the monitor instead of the keyboard?!?!? Imagine how much time that would save me! But alas. I type like….. What on earth am I babbling about?!?!?!?!

It is now 12:42. Oy.

So, the purpose of this post was to apologize for the lack of posts lately. Is it arrogant to assume anyone misses them? Well, Um, ok.

I did see this chic in awesome muchy shoes today. I’m still working up the courage to start asking people if I can take pics of their Muchness. I DID compliment her on them, but then felt dumb asking to take a picture of her feet. I’m thinking I have to do it specifically because I am afraid of it, and that is exactly what The Muchness is all about right? (If I’m being honest, I likely would have had the guts to ask if she had smiled and been more appreciative when I complimented her but she kinda just looked at me like I had three heads, making me wonder if maybe she didn’t speak a word of english. But she did. She just wasn’t super friendly.)

Anyhow: Super Muchy shoes, **Sneak attack picture***



BACk VIEW: Leopard print pony fur. Really??? Um, yes. Really.

Bonus points for anyone who can identify this crazeeness and help me find them online.
Extra bonus points if they’re on sale.

12:51. I’m Out.
xox, Tova

Making Memories

As I mentioned yesterday, Sunday was a monumental day. Here’s why.
On her day 2 challenge, April asked what was a great memory of a day with your family. That got me to thinking and I realized that every day since we started growing our family, that had the potential for greatness, has been clouded by what’s missing.
And once I realized what I was doing- what I was unknowingly cheating myself out of- I made a promise to myself to stop it.

Sunday was the annual balloon festival.  We went once. In 2009. I was pregnant with the twins and couldn’t imagine they wouldn’t be ok. I remember the day distinctly. I looked around and saw tons of identical twins.  That day might have been the one time I allowed myself to “go there” – imagining in my head what our life would be like with them. Would I dress them alike (I said no way- but I probably would have) . Would people look at us and ask about them like I saw someone ask about a pair of twins? Would be even be able to leave the house? Triple strollers are ridiculously large and Molly was still so young…. And to top off the day, I was so pregnant we left before the balloon launch because I needed a rest!
Those are the thoughts I’ve been associating with balloon festival.
Last year I was pregnant with Liat and was glad to have an excuse to stay home.
This year I was torn. I knew Molly would love it but I was not in the mood to be bombarded by those memories and visually assaulted by all the twins that are invariably all over the place at events like that.
And then I read Aprils post. And it was like a big swift kick upside the head. This summer is about new memories! It is about my beautiful family! What am I doing?!?!?

So, I threw on a  sequined tank and mini skirt, tied my Muchness band around my wrist, packed our sunscreen and lunch and hit the road to the balloon festival.

And it was a beautiful, fun and surprisingly relaxing day! I won’t lie- I saw lots of twins and had mild flashbacks to 2009, but I didn’t let it in. New memories are what I made that day.

And we stayed for the balloon launch. And Molly loved it too.

When we left. Those girls were EXHAUSTED!


READER SUBMISSION!!!! The squeeky wheel gets The Muchness!

I’ve been nagging my friend Esther to take the Challenge but she is adamantly against it. So I nag her. And I bug her. And I harass her. And I bug her some more. At first it was fun to be such a perpetual pain in her ass. But then, this morning, in an instant, it got old. So I told her I’d leave her alone.

No sooner had I removed myself from the list of the things that are annoying to her, then, BOOM! She sends me this pic. Now, don’t misunderstand. This is not a picture of my friend Esther. But it is a chic she saw in the post office…. recognizing The Muchness is 1/3 the battle. Photographing it is another 1/3. Sending it to me is about 1/2 of the last 1/3. That last 1/2 of 1/3 is doing it herself. SO, she’s almost there!!!!

Perhaps it’s time to start turning up the annoy-o-meter again.

Nailpolish Muchness!

Silly me, I cut my too long nails last night.

Today I am trying the Shellac Manicure!


It is supposed to last forever and a day. Hmmmmmm…. my manicures, without fail, last till about 3 minutes before I leave the salon. And then they’re 90% gone within 24 hours. I’m a nail polish picker.

I’m taking an expensive lear of faith with this Shellac mani / pedi. I expect it to last me till the end of July. 30 DAYS!!!

I’m giving the shellac the 30 Day Challenge!!! I’ll let you know!


So, as I so clearly documented, Me wearing nailpolish is a complete disaster. I just pick, pick, pick until there is nothing there but a raggedy mess. But, I really do love to look down at my fingertips and see the shiny jolt of color. So I will try, try again.

This time around, I’ve purchased every polish protecting, sucker-worthy product out there:

Those have actually been sitting in my cabinet since right after the previously mentioned nail polish disaster.

Today at CVS I saw this yard of nail polish. I’d seen it there in the past but always thought the colors were kinda blah.

But then I realized it wasn’t the colors, it was the genius who determined what order the colors should be packed in. (Did I mention i am a packaging designer… so I like to think I know a thing or two about packaging….)

CVS would be selling this product a lot quicker if they were organized like this:

But no matter. Their loss is my gain since those polishes should have been sold out by now… But I digress…

And ya know, not being a “polish person” I havent looked at the polish section of a CVS since the invention of the Lee Press-on nail when I was in 7th grade. And there they were…. The tacky yet oh-so-cheerful NAIL MUCHNESS!!!

OOOOh, Me and Lil’ Miss Molly are gonna have a blast this weekend decking out our nails in all this faux glam gloriousness. And Elie, he’s gonna flip. He thinks putting pink polish on a three year olds toes is “a bit much”… I think it’s cute… and it’s the only way she’ll let me cut her toenails! Seriously. She’s wearing these shoes. OF COURSE she needs her nails done!!

Reader Poll:

What do you think: Pink (or purple, or rainbow’d or blinged up…) toenails on a three year old— MUCH or Too Much??


Went to a wedding last week and there were tons of people wearing sparkle. It was festive and pretty but I quickly realized that not all sparkle is actually Muchness. And by extension, not all Muchness is sparkle.
For example:
This woman is in Touch with the Much.


This skirt, not so much


It’s like I really, really wanna like it. It’s got all the ingredients:
3-4 types of sparkle, various textures, seemingly random placement of sparky Trim. And yet, that skirt depresses me somehow. Takes itself so seriously. Tries soo hard.
Maybe it was the wearer. Maybe on someone with different energy- and a different shirt, I’d think differently. Something to think about.
One more sneaky pic:

This lady looked lovely. The whole dress was a dark blue sequin. But then I got close and realized there was a soft chiffon layer covering the whole entire dress. You can see the halo it creates on her sleeve. It looked pretty but I thought- why would you want to tame the Muchness??