Just another sign I was meant to be doing this!

As previously predicted, this Marie Forleo B-School is really kicking my ass. Her lessons and programs are really helping me think about why I started The Muchness, what I want from it and MOST IMPORTANTLY, how I can best serve my MuchnessSeekers and help them reach their full Muchness potential! Ya know, these are hard questions to answer. I ‘created’ The Muchness on a whim. I assumed at the time that I was doing what ‘everyone’ does these days- starting a blog about myself. I invited others to join me in my Muchy online adventures because, well, they asked and I loved seeing their Muchness. And I am thrilled to have them (you) here.

I’ll be honest- mostly, I have no idea what I’m doing. I shoot from the gut and follow my heart. I post about what moves me, what inspires me and what I’m discovering about myself and the world as I travel this journey from grief through healing (and then pit-stop again for some grief,  and then take a swing around the corner to see what joy is waiting there…)

A long time ago it was suggested that I create an “editorial calendar.” That’s fancy blogger talk for “Plan your postings in advance and put them down in a structured, logical manner.” I only know how to write honestly and from my heart and that felt really contrived and ‘planny’ to me, and if there is something I have learned in the last 2.5 years, it’s that, when it comes to my deepest feelings, I really don’t have control over where they take me. I just have to buckle up and go for the ride.

But, I also VERY MUCH want this site to grow into a real, reliable, helpful resource for inspiration and encouragement and actionable tips and advice that can help each of you achieve your full capacity of Muchness, because I KNOW it’s in you… I read it in your posts, in your private messages to me, even in the pictures of sparkly goodness you post on facebook and tag me with! You guys are amazing and I REALLY want to help you shine!

So, when Marie started talking about creating an editorial calendar, I listened. I heard how it doesn’t have to be contrived or planny, and just because I put the million and one ideas I have for posts down in a logical manner, it doesn’t mean they are going to lose their heart, quite the contrary- without having to wrack my brain for which subject to write about, I’ll be able to simply sit down at my keyboard, slit open a vein, and write straight from my heart.

So, I was convinced. I would create an editorial calendar. And then, then….. then Marie – who pre-records her seminars which are listened to my hundreds- probably thousands of people- then she said something (which in my mind was) directed right. at. me.
She said “When you set up your editorial calendar… you’re gonna skip with Daisies and Sunshine is gonna be shootin’ out of your eyeballs and your ears when you have this done, it’s awesome.”

My Sunshine & Daisy- if it's something that can get me skipping with them and having them shooting out of my eyeballs and ears- I'm game.

I rewound that thing 5 times. I got chills. I actually almost started crying. Who the hell talks like that about Sunshine & Daisies?? Who? NO ONE that’s who!! I’m telling you folks, it’s a sign!!! So I went right away and made that little green box sign up form on the top right of this page for my newsletter because I am making a calendar and I am committing to sending one email a week with inspirational, actionable Muchness nuggets to help YOU get in touch with your MUCH! Because that is my goal. That’s why I’m here. My Muchness goes through the roof when I help someone else connect with their Muchness, Because when you share The Muchness, it pays you back in spades… and I’m ready to take on this challenge. And YOU TOO should share The Muchness! If you know someone who you think can benefit from it, tell them to sign up too!

Love & Muchness, Tova

2 Replies to “Just another sign I was meant to be doing this!”

  1. northwoodscynthia

    Wow. WOW! It’s amazing how our babies can guide us! I didn’t used to believe that sort of thing…but I didn’t used to have a big piece of my heart living in an eternity of goodness that I can’t imagine. All that goodness, and they send down rays of Sunshine and beautiful Daisy-s to guide us and give us love. Thank you for sharing your love with us, too. You are a good mama.

    • Tova Gold Post author

      Thank you Cynthia. I love how you wrote that :I didn’t used to have a big piece of my heart living in an eternity of goodness that I can’t imagine…
      someone aught to put that in a Muchness Band. 😉
      It’s a beautiful way to put it…


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