Tova’s Muchness Challenge – Day 18 – Yet ANOTHER surprise post opportunity

I really should have posted this photo at 3am. Because that is about the time it was taken.

My friend Esther, whom I almost never see, came by at 11PM last night with a  friend of hers. That simply doesn’t happen to this NJ Housewife and mom. The only thing that happens at 11PM is sleep, TV, showers, computer time. So that was a nice treat. We After chatting for an hour they said they were heading into Manhattan for drinks at a swanky bar downtown. Did I want to go?

Um, I had already been wearing my PJs for 5 hours so…. Why Not??

I ran upstairs, threw on a little sexy dress, a sequin jacket and a bit of lipstick… (and a ton of deodorant) and 4 minutes later I was out the door! Heading into the city in a mini van at Midnight. Hot stuff. 🙂

I REALLY should do that more often. Of course, getting home at 4:30 AM can be a little exhausting…


Love & Muchness, Tova

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