Yay!! It’s International Muchness Day!!! (& my birthday! who knew?)


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It’s International Muchness Day! Need to add some sparkle, color and inspiration to your life? Go Find YOUR Muchness and LIKE Finding My Muchness’s Page! https://www.facebook.com/FindingMyMuchness 

Forever grateful for each and every one of you for all the support, encouragement and validation you have given me these last few years. I would NEVER have been able to follow this path to my own Muchness without you. I hope I am able to inspire all of you even a tiny fraction of the amount you’ve inspired me.

xoxox, Tova

PS – Thats the cake my awesomely talented cousin made me last year… YUP! Thats a Muchness Band on top!! 🙂 …It’s even Kosher! haha! Tell her Tova sent you….


Love & Muchness, Tova

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