Finding YOUR “Do Good Mission” to change your life

Yesterday I had an incredible opportunity to speak with Erin Giles. I started getting to know Erin through her site and I find what she does completely fascinating. Erin had been so moved after watching a movie about sex trafficking that she started a business around the goal of working to end it.

Erin connected with some VIP’s and asked them to write essays which she ultimately put into a book that was sold to raise money ($10,000!!) and bring awareness to this mission that moved her so deeply.

…and now she teaches other women to do the same. 

I wanted to share her with you because I know a lot of you are seeking MORE. Seeking to make meaning from your losses or recapture your Muchness and do something meaningful and rewarding. It’s how I got started on this Muchness mission, and it was a calling I could not deny. Now, I am learning the tools I need to take it from a middle of the night passion to a my life’s mission. If you feel the same desire to do more and give back but feel like you can’t afford to make a change like that in your life, or simply don’t have a clue where to start, Erin’s course is a great opportunity to show you that YOU CAN.

Click PLAY and get to know her a bit and then check out her course Rocket Your Revolution.

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I take your trust very seriously and am very selective about the products I choose to share with you. (Except when it comes to shoes. Where shoes are concerned, the crazier, the better. 🙂 ) While I am an affiliate of this program it is because I truly understand, from my own experience, how incorporating your passion into a business can be so incredibly rewarding. I also know that after trauma or loss, we are changed, and the jobs and lifestyles that fit the “old” us may not be a great match for the women we change into. Life is short and this is a world full of possibilities. I believe that our passion + the know-how and support to meet our potential we are truly unstoppable.

Love & Muchness, Tova

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