Muchtastic ABC Chart – DIY – (And Day 22 of My Headshot Challenge! :) )

So here’s how it began, back in 2011,

I was in the dollar store, that place is like a 7th heaven.

I’m always finding stuff that others might see as trash,

For me it looks like tiles to redo my backsplash!

Sitting on a shelf looking really quite distressed

were these wooden cubes with photos, I was really not impressed.

But then I saw the sticker, it was 3 frames for one dollar!

“you cant just leave them here!” I heard my brain a’hollar

So I took a set of three, and put it in my cart,

but I couldn’t just stop there, had to listen to my heart.

So I took another set, then another and one more

And when I turned around, I had cleaned out the whole store!

So I brought my purchase home, and stacked them by the treadmill,

Where that sat, and sat , and sat.

(Clearly, the threadmill got no use either. But anyway…)

And then one day it hit me, just clear out of the blue

I would make an ABC chart that sparkled and was cute!

Glitter paper I selected that everyone would want

and by computer I designed it, it’s all about the font!

I printed out the letters, backwards and to size.

then spray mounted them to cardstock, and I can tell no lies-

that cutting it was tedious, I had to use a blade,

but in the end I love Β it, though my fingertips were frayed.

The frames I put together with a staple gun and tape.

it held it all together and I’m pretty sure it’s safe.

I laid out all the colors and arranged them out just right,

did I mention when I did this it was always past midnight?

But finally it was complete, I will admit I’m proud.

Sharing it on my website is the closest to a crowd.

That I can show and ask “You like?” and hope to get some comments,

(I have nothing to rhyme with “comments” but am leaving it there anyway, hint hint.)

My kids they love it and they point and sing the ABC’s

And in the daytime all the glitter brings me to my knees. πŸ™‚

So thanks for reading all about this project I completed.

If you wanna, I’d be happy, just to know it’s tweeted!



Love & Muchness, Tova

6 Replies to “Muchtastic ABC Chart – DIY – (And Day 22 of My Headshot Challenge! :) )”

  1. Shannon Post author

    Looks awesome Tova! Very creative! Now how do i make a boy version? hahaha i guess like flourescent yellows and blues and greens … i liked all your ryhming .. if you did that on purpose.. i noticed!

    • Tova Post author

      Arlene- I was originally going to do it with inspiring quotes, instead of letters in the frames. TOTALLY not just for kids!!
      Heck, you could even buy a poster that you like and cut it into squares that are all slighhtly distorted when they get reassembled onto the blocks…
      Or, pieces of contrasting but matchy fabrics decoupaged…
      so many ways to do this!


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