SHARING THE MUCHNESS! (and a bit of self-promotion)

Seems my super unique “Much or too much” shoes are pretty popular! They’re called The Skate shoe from Jeffrey Campbell and it seems people are selling them all over the web. <—– That last one is Nordstroms, people.

So what did I do? I showed them folks at Jeffrey Campbell my unique-er spin on their unique-ish shoes.


Jeffrey Campbell Skate Shoes -MUCH OR TOO MUCH? THE VERDICT

As you may recall, I determined that the carved wooden sole on these shoes were neither Much, nor, really, Too Much. They just seemed to be trying too hard. And to me, the efforts fell somewhere in the middle. I determined I’d return them because I didn’t feel that I would feel confident in their Muchness as I navigated through the Concrete Jungle.

But then, I realized the problem. They were not MUCH. And, they were not TOO MUCH. They were, in fact, NOT MUCHY ENOUGH.

Now, there is no longer a question. Behold:

Undeniable MUCHNESS!!








More Tape

Bag ’em

Prime ’em

Tape off the details

Spray ’em

Remove tape over details

Hand paint the details




***editors note: I sprayed the whole thing with high gloss varnish before removing the final tape.

***editors second note: AREN’T THEY AWESOME????!!!!


Family portraits. Appropriate attire required.

So, a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to buy a “family portrait” promo deal at a local Venture Photography Studio. Basically, for $50, you get an hour long photo shoot and one framed portrait. Knowing that the sitting fee is usually a couple hundred bucks, I figured what the hell.
And what sold me is the studio. Their brand concept is “anything goes”— wear what you want, goof around, have a food fight! They don’t care. They want to catch a moment that is completely unique to you, and they encourage props and background music to set the mood.
So yesterday I went looking for what to wear. I want it very Muchy. Very colorful. Very sparkly…
And I want tutus.
I stopped in at Betsey Johnson- the QUEEN of Muchness and tried on this $400 teal pompom of a prom dress. (are 34 year old women allowed to wear prom dresses?? )
I LOVED it. I felt fantastic in it. And it’s the very same color as my sofa! But, it was $400.
Buy, wear, return?? Tempting, but very not Muchy.
I left it there.

Then I headed to century 21 and found a glorious $12 alternative.

You’ll have to wait to see that when the portraits happen. 🙂



I’ve never shared a recipe on here before but here goes. The easiest yummiest healthiest recipe for greens you’ll ever see. Wait. Greens? Like, lettuce? No. Like collards or kale- that stuff you look at in the grocery and think “yuck” and “who eats that?” and “ew- must be buggy”….
Anyhow. Here goes:
1- chop
2- wash
3- sauté in a little water. Remove from heat.
4- while greens sauted make a mixture of these three things. Whatever proportions you want so it’s pasty.
5- pour on hot greens and mix
6- eat
7- thank me for showing you how to bring healthy greens in your diet without covering it in mayo and butterfat like Paula Dean would.


Here’s a pic of the finished product. Complete with tempeh, portobella mushroom and onion pizza on a cornmeal crust.



Speaking of much or too much- TOO MUCH!!!
American idol chic turned around and I’m like “whoa- humungo earrings!! Bracelets!!! Chains!!! Blond hair!!! Brown hair!!! Big hair!!! Halter neck!!! Shiny lipstick!!! Pounds of eye shadow!!! Handkerchief hem!!! Contrast trims!!! Giant flower ring!!!”
Okay!!!! I get it!!! TOO MUCH!!!
(that Lauren Alaina girl can sing though…)



So, as I so clearly documented, Me wearing nailpolish is a complete disaster. I just pick, pick, pick until there is nothing there but a raggedy mess. But, I really do love to look down at my fingertips and see the shiny jolt of color. So I will try, try again.

This time around, I’ve purchased every polish protecting, sucker-worthy product out there:

Those have actually been sitting in my cabinet since right after the previously mentioned nail polish disaster.

Today at CVS I saw this yard of nail polish. I’d seen it there in the past but always thought the colors were kinda blah.

But then I realized it wasn’t the colors, it was the genius who determined what order the colors should be packed in. (Did I mention i am a packaging designer… so I like to think I know a thing or two about packaging….)

CVS would be selling this product a lot quicker if they were organized like this:

But no matter. Their loss is my gain since those polishes should have been sold out by now… But I digress…

And ya know, not being a “polish person” I havent looked at the polish section of a CVS since the invention of the Lee Press-on nail when I was in 7th grade. And there they were…. The tacky yet oh-so-cheerful NAIL MUCHNESS!!!

OOOOh, Me and Lil’ Miss Molly are gonna have a blast this weekend decking out our nails in all this faux glam gloriousness. And Elie, he’s gonna flip. He thinks putting pink polish on a three year olds toes is “a bit much”… I think it’s cute… and it’s the only way she’ll let me cut her toenails! Seriously. She’s wearing these shoes. OF COURSE she needs her nails done!!

Reader Poll:

What do you think: Pink (or purple, or rainbow’d or blinged up…) toenails on a three year old— MUCH or Too Much??