Hanging out in the old internet neighborhood…

Once upon a time, before I’d ever heard the words TTTS and Babyloss, I used to spend my free time meandering around the internets on blogs that were lighthearted, enjoyable and fun. It’s been a while since I’d visited any of those sites, but today, I thought “hmmmm, I wonder what’s going on at Apartment Therapy?” I used to read that blog all. the. friggin’. time.

Today I logged on and boy has it changed! I mean, it’s still a home decorating blog but there is just a whole lotta other stuff going on there! hmmm. nice.

I saw this post and I thought “Oh, that’s pretty muchy! I’d like to share that on my blog.

Check it out: 10 simple things that can make you happier at home.   

If you have a minute you should check out the list- there are some gems there, but my favorite is #5: 

“If you can’t get out of it, get into it. This tip comes from The Happiness Project By Gretchen Rubin. I love the message: The dishes are not going to clean themselves, so you will do it, and you will like it! (Unless, of course, you can outsource this job, in which case I say: Nice work!) Otherwise, get into doing the dishes. Feel the soothing warm water on your hands. Enjoy the tickle of the tiny bubbles. Crank your favorite album at an unusually loud volume, do a couple fist-pumps while shouting “Can I get a hell yeah for the dishes? Hell! Yeah!” and pretend you love it.” 

Ya know what’s funny? I got an advance copy of Gretchen Rubin’s second book, and it’s called Happier at Home and I’ve been meaning to finish it and write a review, but I’m a slow reader (especially when it’s filled with so many gems I have to stop every 5 seconds to highlight something…hmmm- put that on my never-ending to do list…. right below “rewrite to-do list because Liat scribbled all over this one…”)

OK- I’m rambling. The other one I loved was number 4:
Start a one-line-a-day gratitude journal.
Ya know why I loved that one, right? OF COURSE YOU DO! That’s pretty much your Muchness Challenge!!! (Take a picture! Upload! Share!! Muchness Multiplied!… yay!?)

Anyway, like I said, go check out that post. It kicks. And while you’re there, check out this FANTASTIC –  OMG – I CANT BELIEVE ONE WOMAN COULD SINGLE HANDEDLY CREATE THAT INCREDIBLENESS WHILE ON MATERNITY LEAVE – bathroom floor. I’d nearly forgotten that it was there… but I reread all the nice stuff people said about the bathroom floor that I retiled in pennies (all heads up! You betcha!) after Molly was born, and I thought “Hmmm, In January 2009, I asked the question: “How should I decorate this bathroom that I tiled in pennies.” and in the three and a half years since, all I’ve done is  hang a light and mirror. Maybe it’s time for a Muchy Makeover, Powder room style!!

Penny Floor

Good Questions: Ideas for the Penny Tiled Powder Room? | Apartment Therapy


Muchtastic ABC Chart – DIY – (And Day 22 of My Headshot Challenge! :) )

So here’s how it began, back in 2011,

I was in the dollar store, that place is like a 7th heaven.

I’m always finding stuff that others might see as trash,

For me it looks like tiles to redo my backsplash!

Sitting on a shelf looking really quite distressed

were these wooden cubes with photos, I was really not impressed.

But then I saw the sticker, it was 3 frames for one dollar!

“you cant just leave them here!” I heard my brain a’hollar

So I took a set of three, and put it in my cart,

but I couldn’t just stop there, had to listen to my heart.

So I took another set, then another and one more

And when I turned around, I had cleaned out the whole store!

So I brought my purchase home, and stacked them by the treadmill,

Where that sat, and sat , and sat.

(Clearly, the threadmill got no use either. But anyway…)

And then one day it hit me, just clear out of the blue

I would make an ABC chart that sparkled and was cute!

Glitter paper I selected that everyone would want

and by computer I designed it, it’s all about the font!

I printed out the letters, backwards and to size.

then spray mounted them to cardstock, and I can tell no lies-

that cutting it was tedious, I had to use a blade,

but in the end I love  it, though my fingertips were frayed.

The frames I put together with a staple gun and tape.

it held it all together and I’m pretty sure it’s safe.

I laid out all the colors and arranged them out just right,

did I mention when I did this it was always past midnight?

But finally it was complete, I will admit I’m proud.

Sharing it on my website is the closest to a crowd.

That I can show and ask “You like?” and hope to get some comments,

(I have nothing to rhyme with “comments” but am leaving it there anyway, hint hint.)

My kids they love it and they point and sing the ABC’s

And in the daytime all the glitter brings me to my knees. 🙂

So thanks for reading all about this project I completed.

If you wanna, I’d be happy, just to know it’s tweeted!



Muchy Shoe Makeover!!! (and a bunch of other ramblings….)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you can’t help but notice the overwhelming amount of neon people are wearing these days. In my head, there is but one association I have with neon…. Please…. Join me on my trip down memory lane….

It’s 1989.

I’m in 8th grade.

This could be the back of my head:

My bedroom walls are plastered with pictures of the New Kids on The Block.  I told everyone Joey was my favorite because he’s the sweet one.  But secretly, I liked Donnie more, because he’s the bad boy.

And this was my Muchness:

[youtube_sc url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=By86PcLufOU&ob=av3e”]

That girl in the audience with the 4″ tall hair and Fluorecent Pink t-shirt with the smiley face on it…she was my Hero.

But Anyhow. Here we are 2012. Everything old is new again. Except The New Kids. They’re just old.

The nostalgia of the fluorescent trend is really exciting to me. Months back I posted about this Neon yellow bag I saw some chic carrying and how much I adored it. But wouldn’t wanna spend the money on it. And a lot of the affordable neon, well, it looks like something I may have worn in 1989.

And then. Friday, I was at Home Depot and came upon this:

My brain raced… Oh! The Muchness I could make! I don’t have to invest $300 on a trendy pair of shoes… I could get creative! I stood in the aisle for 5 whole minutes, debating between the pink and the yellow. or maybe the orange. or the pink. or the orange. pink. yellow.

I bought the yellow. And I bought Painters tape. Because I knew I’d recently used up what I had on this. Everything else for my master plan I already owed.

OK. Rambling complete.

Here’s the PROJECT!!!!


Black Patent heels from target. (I could’t justify buying these new ones until I found something to do with the ones I already own.)
Unworn lace thong panties.
Painters Tape.
White spray primer
Fluorescent Paint
Triple Glaze Spray Gloss
Rhinestones and E6000 Glue

The Process

I cleaned the shoes and then used the painters tape on the parts I didn’t want to paint:

Then I used more tape and lace to cover random parts of both shoes.

I cut shapes out the the tape. It was only after I cut out the heart for one shoe that I realized the inverse would be awesome on the other shoe. I also originally thought I’d make them match each other but then it occurred to me that if they were even a tiny bit off, it would annoy the crap outta me. So I creatively solved that problem by making it a non-issue.

After taping, I took the shoes to my basement and sprayed them white. Twice.

Then I sprayed them fluorescent. Twice.

Then I sprayed them with clear glaze. Once.

Then I brought them upstairs and while watching “The Voice” and contemplating Christina’s Funny hat, cut the tape off. I had to use the blade to slice the paint before pulling the tape. For the most party it came off slick and sharp and clean.

In other places, not so much.

I used a black sharpie to clean up any smudged edges.

I also used the sharpie to recreate areas of the lace that were too misty and unclear.

Then I sprayed the whole shoes again with clear glaze.

Then I carefully placed the rhinestones around the hearts on both shoes.

Then I stared at them because I could not get over how much I friggin’ loved them.

Then I took about 4,000 pictures in different poses.

Then I finally tore myself away from them and went to bed. It was like, 3 in the morning.

Then I wore them to work the next day. Here they are on a bike path in midtown Manhattan

Seriously, Every time I looked down I got a small buzz because I thought my feet looked so muchtastic!!

…Then one of my co-workers told me she thought they made me look cheap.
I’m pretty sure she’s just massively jealous. Right???



Weekend Muchy Makeover!!

I think every NJ home needs a bit of Boca.

These were $2.50 each at Target. But the Muchness they add to our garden is priceless!!

Front Yard Before:


Front Yard After:

Back “yard” Before:

Back “yard” after:

I told landscaper that I could / would not ‘garden’ and he should just leave that area around the AC unit bare for me to fill with random colorful things. He didn’t believe me and now, every season I just yank out the stuff that grows from the roots. I really wanna fill that whole area with a mish-mash of random tacky crap. That would make me happy. (Except my twins rock. That’s not random tacky crap. That’s my heart.)

DIY Designer Sunglasses- A Lunch Hour Muchification Project!

Last week I found some awesome thousand dollar designer sunglasses online. So Muchy, and So EXPENSIVE! Today I decided to make the most of my lunch hour and an old pair of glasses that have seen better days, but I love a lot about ’em.

First stop: Beads and findings store:

Displayed on my mouse tablet for your viewing pleasure:

Cleverly using stuff I have on hand to balance the glasses:

No pics of the glueing… I only have two hands, after all.

Here’s some more clever balancing acts:


Glamour Shots!!

And now, a recap. Pay close attention!!!

I dyed my hair Pink. Because. I am an adult, and I can do what I wanna do.

“It’s only hair!!”

That’s what I said to my mom when I dyed it rainbow streaked in 11th grade. Thank god my mother allowed me to explore my creative side. If it had been stifled it most surely would have found it’s way out of me in much more destructive ways than Muchy hair before Muchy was a (not officially sanctioned scrabble) word.

I gave the pre-game dye story here.

Pretty much: Bleach (Twice) (yes, that’s a rusty hammer. In the bathroom. Ask me why. I dare you.)

Not blond enough!

Added the pink anyway:

The results!


The actual after: Eeeek- too pink:

So, I RECOLORED the top section BACK to my natural Brown color:

(That’s a still shot from the video I made of the event. Me holding the box. Fascinating.)

And finally…. THE RESULTS!!!!

My not so muchy bathroom wall!!!!

(Paying a pro to do my hair woulda been cheaper than paying to have my bathroom repainted. Just Sayin’.)

But really now, in the end I was happy with the results, And here’s a pic from New Years Eve!


They say if you dress Muchy on New Years eve you’re practically guaranteed a Muchy year! Since this is the first year I was actually awake and out of my house on New Years since sometime in the late 90’s, I hope ‘they’re’ right!

Here’s me doing my best unintentional impression of a muchfied Soleil Moon Frye (That’s Punky Brewster to you kids born in the late 80’s) Maybe if I’m feeling gutsy, I’ll send her a link. Click her name there- the pic is oddly similar)

GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE! PUSH YOURSELF! Wear something Muchy!!! You’ll feel proud, confident and happy! You’ll send out good vibes and they’ll come back to you in spades!!!! The power of Muchness is UNSTOPPABLE!!!


Gotta get the clutter OUT! It’s a MAJOR Muchness Killer!!

January is declutter month but I couldn’t wait. Because before you can declutter you have to THROW OUT THE GARBAGE. My basement has so much potential and I have visions of a complete craft and Muchness Service Station down there. But those visions are only in my head, because in reality, this is what’s clouding my vision:

Elie  has been nagging me for months to clean out and organize the office but I can’t do that until I have a place to re-distribute the stuff that’s crowding the office. So today, I got myself a bagster and I got to work. Liat napped, Molly watched Cinderella with a friend. within 5 hours I’d created this:

Still a along ways to go to reach my Muchness Service Station but what a sense of accomplishment!! Knowing I could come here and share it was such incentive!! I kept thinking about how encouraging it would be to declutter together once January hits!!!

Here’s a funny bonus shot. There is still ductwork in a garbage can sitting from when we moved in three+ years ago. (It’s finally gonna get GONE in that Bagster)

That whole area is so disgustingly dirty and dusty and I just hate it. Today I noticed that tiny little can I’d never seen before teetering on the edge of all that crap. Can you see what it says?

Jeffrey Campbell Skate Shoes -MUCH OR TOO MUCH? THE VERDICT

As you may recall, I determined that the carved wooden sole on these shoes were neither Much, nor, really, Too Much. They just seemed to be trying too hard. And to me, the efforts fell somewhere in the middle. I determined I’d return them because I didn’t feel that I would feel confident in their Muchness as I navigated through the Concrete Jungle.

But then, I realized the problem. They were not MUCH. And, they were not TOO MUCH. They were, in fact, NOT MUCHY ENOUGH.

Now, there is no longer a question. Behold:

Undeniable MUCHNESS!!








More Tape

Bag ’em

Prime ’em

Tape off the details

Spray ’em

Remove tape over details

Hand paint the details




***editors note: I sprayed the whole thing with high gloss varnish before removing the final tape.

***editors second note: AREN’T THEY AWESOME????!!!!